Friday, May 6, 2011

Binoculars and safaris!

Since we have had a little bit of rain I have needed to come up with things that we can do inside and that won't make a big mess (rainy days are my cleaning/lazy days!).

I decided that we were going to do an indoor safari complete with binoculars.

Here is what you need!
Tp rolls
Construction paper
A cutter (or scissors)
Not shown: Stapler/glue/tape

Step 1. Cut the paper down to size (so it will completely cover both rolls).
Step 2. Staple (or glue/tape) one end of the tp roll to the paper.

Step 3. Put the other roll right next to it and staple it down.
Step 4. Roll The paper all the way around making sure you glue (or staple) it down along the way.
Step 5. Make holes on each side for string.
Step 6. Put string in holes and tie.

You could decorate it with stickers (Landon didn't want to. He said he just liked it green)

Then go looking for the animals!! I hid them all over the house but you could do it in just one room. It's hours of fun!

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